Our philosophy has been and will be:"QUALITY with TOTAL satisfaction ". More than thirty-three years without complains confirms it. Our laboratories are equipped with the required devices to fulfill the tests required for the standards we employ. All the equipment calibration is approved by the Metrological Development Foundation (official Venezuelan institution that certifies the measurement equipment.) Furthermore, the testing equipment is properly maintained in order to guarantee the reliability of the obtained results as well as the performance of our products.

Our personnel is conscious of the necessity of operating within our quality management system. The equipment maintenance is carried out with a set frequency and in accordance to the manufacturer recommendations and the norms.

The production, control documentation, shipping, and handling are effectively recorded and in accordance to the respective procedures. This method allows for the identification of each product from the raw material (used for its creation) to its final destination in which it will be used.

Throughout these years, we have been constantly evaluated by national and international institutes that confirm our motto of QUALITY demonstrating that all our processes fulfill the requirements of the International norm
ISO 9001. We uphold the approbation of NORVEN, which is the Venezuelan official quality seal. This recognition is issued by FONDONORMA to the products manufactured under strict quality controls established by the Venezuelan standards: COVENIN. We also have the approval from INTEVEP, which is the evaluator institution for PDVSA (Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A.), from CANTV (Venezuelan telecommunication company), and from HIDROVEN (Venezuelan hydrological company.)
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