REVINCA pipes offer an excellent option in various applications due to the advantages they possess. Some of these applications are summarized below.

Water and Drainage



Gas Distribution




Industrial Applications


Telecommunications and Electrical Conduits

Our pipes offer the best solutions to your projects whether new or for the rehabilitation of existing installations. They can be utilized in the following areas:

  • Piping and distribution lines for the following applications:
    • Potable water for the municipal and industrial sectors
    • Wastewater for the industrial sector and petrochemical complex
  • Installations nearby corrosive areas and/or marine and seashore facilities. Revinca pipes are very used for marine pipelines, such as water lines, wastewater lines, and diffusers
  • Sanitary, rain and combined sewers, along with industrial discharges

With the use of REVINCA pipes, it is possible to lower the losses of flow due to friction. Therefore, the equipment's performance, such as pumps, will increase or simply improve the flow's speed by gravity.

Its elevated ductility makes it suitable for pipe laying in deep trenches without much risk of damage to the material. Therefore, the radius of curvature is much shorter when using exigent constructive methods.

Due to the quality of their elasticity, REVINCA pipes allow higher direct pressures than the nominal pressure without the need of over specifying the pipe.


The use of HDPE pipes for domestic gas distribution offers numerous advantages due to the following features:

  1. The domestic gas is distributed at very low pressures with a maximum of 4 bar (60 psi), and the pipelines is fabricated for an operational pressure of 10 bar (150 psi). This fact gives a safety range of more than twice of the required value
  2. The facility of hermetic connections that can be obtained through the heat-fusion join fulfills the main characteristic that must have a network of gas distribution, that is 100% impermeable
  3. Because of its immunity to corrosion, there is not much deterioration by lack of maintenance, and also there is not need for the expensive cathodic protection system that is indispensable with the steel pipe

REVINCA is a pioneering company in the production of HDPE pipes and accessories for heat-fusion join.


Our pipes satisfy the demanding industrial and mining system requirements for a wide diversity of applications such as:

  • Transportation of solid material
  • Transportation of petroleum effluents, oil refinery and petrochemical complex
  • For the water of process in the steam plants
  • Submarine drainage
  • Sanitary sewage systems, culvert, industrial, pluvial and combined systems
  • Dredging Systems
  • Gas distribution

REVINCA pipes do not present the typical corrosion problems of the conventional steel pipes. These pipes offer a greater resistance to chemical agents and to abrasion caused by the fluids, suspended solids and mud carried in.



REVINCA also offers High Density Polyethylene conduits to be used in telephony, fiber optic, telecommunications, television and electrical applications. These product comes in different presentations, such as:

  • Black with color strips of or totally black pipe
  • Color with color strips or solid color pipe
These conduits can have smooth and/or corrugated inner surface; in addition they can have an interior cord for pulling ahead the cable during the installation. These pipe are offered in spools and the length depends on the client's need. The main characteristics of these pipes are:
  • Watertight and moisture-proof seal
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Impact resistance needed to support external loads
  • High chemical resistance
  • Flexible and light weight

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